Factors Affecting the Value of Your Case

The main concern for the majority of victims of a personal injury accident is the value of their claim. Although an experienced injury lawyer can easily determine whether there is merit to the personal injury claim, he cannot place a value on the case until he has done some discovery.

There are many factors involved in ascertaining the financial value of a personal injury claim. Some factors are always changing, some may stay fairly constant, and others may not be determined until the very end of your case.

Fluctuating Factors

In some situations, an injury lawyer may not be able to determine the monetary value of a personal injury claim until the case is ready for trial or about to be settled. This is because many of the aspects involved in these cases are constantly changing, such as:

  • The extent of the injuries, including whether the injury is permanent or temporary
  • The final medical bills and treatment necessary to mend the injuries
  • The effect of the injury on the victim’s marital relationship, happiness, and daily life activities
  • The wording of the law during the time of the injury

Constant Factors

However, there are other aspects of the case, which may not change and will remain constant. These can include the following:

  • Witnesses to the accident
  • Evidence related to the case
  • Loss of income
  • Whether the victim incurred emergency room charges

Unknown Factors

There are also aspects that may not be determined until the end of the case, including:

  • The degree of fault for each of the parties involved in the accident
  • The value of the injuries suffered

Your injury lawyer should provide the insurance company with the necessary documentation for each of these factors in order to come up with a financial value for your case.

We Can Help

Although your lawyer cannot provide you with an exact value for your personal injury claim, he can provide you with information that will be factored in valuing your case. To schedule a complimentary consultation with the experts at the Law Offices of David P. Kashani, APLC, please call (855) 449-0944.

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