Keeping an Injury Journal—Doctors and Witnesses

Keeping an injury journal is an important part of your personal injury case. One section of your journal should include information about doctors that you have visited, as well as witnesses to the extent of your injuries. For more information about what else to put in your injury journal, consult with an experienced injury lawyer.

What Should I Put in the “Doctor and Witnesses” Section of My Injury Journal?

You should include the following information in your injury journal:

1. Record of all medical professionals you’ve seen or consulted—It is important to make a record of both the health care professionals you have seen in person and any telephone or other electronic communications. Write down the name of the professional, their address, telephone number and email, and the date of any visits. You should also record how you felt before, during and after the visit. This includes how you felt when you were informed of the details of your injuries and recovery. Also note any advice you were given, how you felt about that advice, and what you did to follow the advice.

2. Record of all witnesses—Besides witnesses to the incident itself, you should also be recording the name, address, telephone and e-mail of any witness who has observed your injuries. Note the date and what they observed. These witnesses will become important later to help prove economic losses, physical and mental pain, and other damages related to your injury.

3. Cross-referencing—Your journal is only one of a multitude of documents that you and your injury lawyer will use in presenting your case. You should, therefore, cross reference parts of the journal to other appropriate documents, such as police reports, pay stubs, photographs, and medical papers.Why Is My Injury Journal Important?

Why Is My Injury Journal Important?

Your injury journal is a day-by-day guide to the pain and suffering caused by your injuries. It will help you and your lawyer explain at trial the impact that your injuries have had on your everyday life. Since it will give the jury and opposing party a much more comprehensive picture of your damages, it can help you recover the largest amount of restitution possible.

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