Items to Maintain and Bring to Your Attorney

The following list of items is only part of the total information your accident lawyer will be assembling on your behalf. Use this list as a starting point; the more information you can give your attorney regarding your expenses and the way your life has changed since you were injured, the better outcome he or she can ensure for you. It may help to start and keep a notebook specifically for the purpose of keeping track of this information.

Keep a separate list of “Medical Visits.” Your lawyer will want you to make a list of every visit you made to a hospital, therapy session, doctor’s office, pharmacy, or any other medical care or supplies provider. You should note the date, where you went, and the purpose of the trip (for example, “11/04/2012—Went to Walmart pharmacy for prescription,” or “12/01/2012—Saw Dr. Jones at Southside Medical Clinic for 2 month check-up”). Because this list will most likely be shared with the other side during negotiations for settlement—or at the trial to demonstrate to the jury all the trouble your injury has caused—you will want to keep the list free of any unnecessary or redundant information.

Keep a separate list of “Medical Expenses.” Your accident lawyer will also want you to write down the medical expenses you incur every day. You should list both medical and out-of-pocket expenses (for example, “Dr. Jones’ bill,” or “bandages,” or “pain medicine”). You cannot expect the other side to pay for expenses that have not been itemized or about which you have not informed your accident attorney. Additionally, expenses that have been dated and itemized will carry much more weight with the other side than a lump sum total written down at the end of the week or month.

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