Insurance Company Tricks: Taking Recorded Statements

Insurance adjusters generally contact car accident victims within 24 hours of the accident in order to get necessary information before the victim has an opportunity to hire a personal injury lawyer. If the individual does not hire an attorney at all, the adjuster will continue to use every trick in the book to settle the claim for a fraction of what the case is worth as quickly as possible.

Insurance companies train their adjusters to quickly settle each claim assigned to them. They also expect the adjusters to settle their claims for as little as possible. The bottom line is the faster and cheaper the adjusters close claims, the more money the insurance will save. In order to meet this goal, adjusters will do everything they can to dissuade the claimant from hiring an experienced personal injury lawyer. The reason is once an attorney enters the picture, it takes longer to settle claims and the value of the case goes up exponentially.

#1 Cheap Trick: Taking Statements Before Claimant Hires a Lawyer

The biggest and most effective trick used by adjustors in meeting their goal is to trick the claimant into providing a recorded or signed statement immediately after the accident and prior to hiring a personal injury lawyer.

Recorded Statement

The adjustor will get a statement from a claimant to ask permission to have it recorded. This may be done either in person or via phone using a recorder. After taking the recorded statement, the adjustor will put it in writing.

Signed Statement

A signed statement involves the adjustor asking various questions that are specifically related to the facts of the car accident. The adjustor will write down the claimant’s answers to the questions. At the conclusion of the interview, the adjuster will ask the claimant to briefly review the written statement and make any necessary corrections before signing his or her name on the bottom of each page.

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In order to avoid the cheap tricks used by insurance adjustors to settle your case for a fraction of what it is worth, it is imperative that you hire an experienced personal injury lawyer. Once hired, the adjustor cannot engage you in any communication without permission and presence of your attorney.

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