How Your Settlement Value Can Change

Evidence of significant collision damage to your car and your personal to the jury can affect the settlement value. A professional accident lawyer will work to get you the maximum value you deserve.

Collision damage

In most automobile cases, the actual damage to the automobile could turn out to be negligible. Bumpers from automobiles produced in the 1990s can withstand impact more effectively than bumpers from cars manufactured in the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s. However, jurors are more persuaded by evidence, or lack thereof, of noticeable collision damage.

If your damaged car resembles something like an accordion, the jury will more readily believe that you suffered serious injuries. But if they see only a bumper scratch or trivial fender damage, they will be skeptical about the degree of impact and, consequently, the extent of injury. Therefore, it is crucial for you to take photos of all automobiles involved in the accident. Photographic evidence of major collision damage to the defendant’s vehicle will effectively convince an insurance adjuster, or a jury, that you received severe injuries.

Your likability to the jury

Your personal appeal is important for your case. Will the jury like you? Will your accident lawyer feel comfortable working with you? If a jury doesn’t appear to have favorable view of you, it might be in your interest to agree to any sensible settlement offer from the insurer.

Strength of defendant

While there are some “bad defendants,” they are relatively rare in small cases. You will probably deal with an average defendant who was careless for a matter of seconds. Among the defendants may be next-door neighbors who did not pour enough sand on their sidewalk after a snow storm or the owners of a small store who failed to repair one of the steps in time.

Bad defendants are self-explanatory. They include drunk drivers, tire squealers, bullies, or bar owners intent on selling alcohol regardless of who was getting drunk. If you were injured as the result of a bad defendant’s actions, your settlement range will increase. If you have a good defendant, such as a senior citizen who rear ends your car as he is driving to the doctor’s office, the settlement value becomes less, as the jury will empathize with such a defendant.

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