How Adjusters Manipulate Personal Injury Claims

It is common practice for insurance adjusters to manipulate personal injury claims and deny coverage. This is exactly why it is important for you to hire an experienced accident lawyer to get the just compensation that you deserve for the injuries you have suffered.

Adjusters will minimize certain factors in the claim to manipulate your case and deny payment. Your lawyer will need to prove that these factors are in fact reasonable and that you deserve compensation. Below are examples of some of the factors adjusters will try to downplay.

Type of Doctor

If after an injury you seek the medical assistance of a chiropractor, the adjuster may scrutinize you for seeing a chiropractor rather than a spine surgeon.

Moreover, if the doctor has had many patients with personal injury claims, the adjuster will label him or her as a doctor who helps with fake claims. In reality, this doctor may be a reputable professional specializing in these types of patients.

Similarly, if a doctor works well with a particular lawyer, an adjuster may scrutinize the relationship as a mere ploy for insurance claims.

Your accident lawyer knows how to ensure that the insurance adjuster does not manipulate the logistics of your claim in order to deny payment.

Medical Reports

Medical reports are often verbose and similar to one another. Adjusters may use these reports as a means of asserting that the claim is fraudulent. Also, it may appear that the quantity of medical treatments does not correlate with the nature or severity of the injury. However, even a small injury may result in multiple doctors’ visits.

Type of Injury

Soft tissue injuries, such as those that cause neck and back pain, are more likely to be scrutinized by adjusters. The reason for this is the lack of visibility of such injuries. Physical damages, such as broken bones, are less likely to be manipulated.

Any type of injury should be fairly compensated. Victims with soft and less visible injuries should not be discounted.

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