First Attorney Client Meeting

If you have been injured in an accident, you may be unsure of what information to bring with you to your first meeting with an attorney. Your accident attorney will want you to answer certain specific questions about your accident before deciding to accept the case.

What Will My Lawyer Want to Know?

Be prepared with information about the following:

1. Date of the incident—It is best to see an attorney as soon as possible following your accident to make sure that your case is handled correctly. Most personal injury cases are subject to a “statute of limitations,” meaning that if you wait too long to file, you may be prevented from suing. Also, many victims initially try to handle the case themselves, expecting that they can hire an attorney later if they need to. This is often a serious mistake, as you may unintentionally undermine your case.

2. How your accident occurred—You should be forthright and honest with your attorney from the beginning. It will be difficult for the attorney to assess your case if you hide information or are evasive with your answers. Additionally, you want your accident attorney to be able to tell you sooner rather than later whether or not the case has merit before you invest significant time and money.

3. Location of accident—Knowing this will help your attorney decide the best place to file the lawsuit. It may also determine if your attorney takes the case or refers you to someone else closer to where the trial will be held.

4. What your injuries are—You should see a doctor about your injuries shortly after the accident so that you can give the attorney a full account of the injuries. Putting off seeing a doctor looks bad to both juries and insurers, and may make your case harder to win. Your attorney will also want to hear you explain your injuries verbally since you will need to do so at trial.

5. Your current physical condition—Your ultimate damages will not only be based on the injuries you suffered at the time of the accident but also on any continuing complaints. You should know what your current condition is and if it is expected to get better or worse. You should inform your attorney of any permanent impairment, no matter how minor.

6.Witnesses—You should be ready with the names, addresses, emails and telephone numbers of any potential witnesses, as your attorney will want to contact them quickly.

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