Common Adjuster Tactics: “I’d Like to Take Your Statement”

If you and your injury attorney are suing the person responsible for your personal injury, you likely have experienced at least one run-in with defendant’s insurance adjuster. The adjuster, who works closely with the insurer’s staff attorney, has authority to offer settlement amounts and is also tasked with investigating the incident in order to arrive at a settlement offer deemed appropriate for the situation. Insurance company offers are often incongruent with the true value of the case and adjusters will employ less-than-honest tactics to extract information from unsuspecting plaintiffs.

“I’d Like to Take Your Statement”

A signed statement from the injured party is often the keystone piece of evidence used by the adjuster in formulating a settlement offer amount. As such, always answer each question honestly, but be careful how you phrase your answers. You should consider working with your injury attorney as you prepare your statement as he or she will ensure that none of your answers could be misconstrued or taken out of context.

Statement Procedure

When it’s time to take your statement, the adjuster will ask you a series of questions from an outline prepared by the insurance company. The questions will be tailored to fit the situation and will require you to recall details surrounding the incident, your resulting injury and the physical or financial ramifications of the defendant’s actions. The statement will be signed by you at the conclusion of the interview. Some plaintiffs prefer to answer the questions on their own and provide written answers to the adjuster when complete. If the plaintiff is comfortable providing verbal answers to the questions, the adjuster will read each answer back to ensure he has properly transcribed the plaintiff’s response.

The adjuster may sign the bottom of each page and will give the claimant a copy of the document to keep.

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