Checklist: Insurers, Taking Pictures, Contacting Lawyers

In order to develop your case, your accident attorney will require information about your contact with insurers and other lawyers or evidence that caused your injuries.

Medical Facilities or Physicians Consulted

The names of the hospitals and doctors you have visited will be necessary for the initial determination of damages. You should discuss the following kinds of questions with your attorney:

Have you been treated by an orthopedic surgeon or chiropractor?
Did you visit a free medical clinic or a hospital?
Was your doctor able to make a diagnosis based upon just history and examination, or did he have to take x-rays?

If you have lack insurance, establishing demonstrable liability of another party with insurance or assets will be essential.

Contact With Any Insurance Companies

If the accident occurred a while ago and you did not contact your insurance carrier, your accident attorney will ask for an explanation. You may not recover damages from your own insurer if you failed to report your claim early enough.

Site of Item That Led to the Injuries

If you were injured while using a product (such as a power tool), you will need to keep the item.


You need to take pictures of the automobile, product, or defective stair that caused the injuries before the item is repaired. Afterward, bring the pictures to the initial interview to be reviewed. If your case involves an automobile, then the amount of damage found on the car will be an effective indication of liability and give insight into the damage criteria.

Contact With Other Attorneys

You will be asked if other attorneys have rejected your case or if you have consulted with multiple attorneys without hiring any of them. An attorney could be hesitant about taking your case if it is evident that you were shopping around.

Source of Referral

If you were referred to an accident attorney by one of his or her reputable clients, the attorney will tend to believe that you are serious about retaining representation.

Client Contact With Insurance Adjuster

If an insurance adjuster has already been contacted by an insurance adjuster, your life will be made easier. Bring the name and phone number of the adjuster to your initial meeting with the accident attorney.

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