Cheap Tricks Used by Insurance Adjusters to Stall Claims

Person frustrated with insurance company stalling

Some insurance companies train and encourage their adjusters to use certain techniques to intentionally stall the settlement of their claims in the hopes that the victims will accept any settlement they are offered.

What To Do If An Insurance Company Is Stalling

If an insurance company is stalling, you should contact your local attorney. If you are represented by an accident lawyer who is experienced in dealing with such adjusters, it is less likely that cheap tricks will be used to stall settling your personal injury claim.

Why Use Stalling Tactics

The major reason insurance adjusters use stalling tactics in delaying the settlement of personal injury claims is to make you settle for as little money as possible. The adjusters clearly stall their claims with the knowledge that such delays will affect you more than the insurance company because you are financially reliant on the settlement money.

Warning Signs of Stalling Tactics

There are several signs that your accident lawyer will look for to see if the adjuster assigned to your case is deliberately stalling the settlement of your claim. Below are some examples of these warning signs:

  • Adjuster requests information in small increments, rather than asking for all the information and documentation at once
  • Adjuster rejects your claim because they cannot get the insured’s cooperation to complete the investigation
  • Insurance company continuously and intentionally changes the adjuster assigned to your claim to the point where your aggravation forces you into a settlement
  • The adjuster attempts to convince you to use your own medical insurance to pay your medical bills

The nature of personal injury claims is to leave the victim seeking compensation weaker and more disadvantaged. This is precisely why you need to have an experienced accident lawyer by your side to prevent the insurance company and their adjuster from intentionally stalling your claim and force you to settle for less than what you deserve.

Why Choose Us

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