Adjuster’s Evaluation of a Personal Injury Claim

An adjuster’s job is to lower your potential recovery. However, with the right attorney, you do not need to submit to the adjuster’s proposals.

There are various factors that adjusters take into consideration when evaluating your claim. Below are some examples:

Past Medical Bills

Adjusters do not want to pay large claims if they believe that your medical bills have been extravagant or unnecessary. Before you hire an experienced accident lawyer, you should select your own doctor so adjusters will not be as wary of your medical expenses. Once a doctor has started treating you, ask to be referred to a board certified specialist to approve your treatment and to provide a second opinion.

Future Medical Expenses

It is very important that an adjuster considers you future medical expenses when evaluating your claim. Your accident lawyer will incorporate doctor’s evaluation of likely future medical expenses when negotiating a settlement with the adjuster.

Loss of Wages

In personal injury claims, you may lose wages as a result of your injury. Your accident lawyer will seek documentation of your lost wage. Such documentation includes doctors’ written reports stating the length of time you were disabled and your employer’s verification of your wages and absence from work. Without such documents, an adjuster cannot properly consider your lost earning. This can hurt your recovery, especially if your lost wages are unequal to your total economic loss or if your absence from work exceeds the estimated recovery time for your injury.

Future Lost Wages

Future loss of earnings is another important factor that needs to be factored into your settlement. Future lost wages can include less earning potential, future medical expenses, and medical leave needed for continued treatments. Your professional accident lawyer will obtain written medical documents to negotiate with the adjuster so that your future losses are included in your settlement.

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