Should You Install a Dash Cam in Your Ridesharing Vehicle?

From high-speed chases to scary animal encounters, we’ve all seen crazy videos caught on dashboard cameras, commonly referred to as “dash cams.” If you are a ridesharing driver, you may be wondering if a dash came is worth it.

A dash cam works by recording data and storing it for a period of time. Therefore if you are involved in an accident, you can always go back to the footage from the camera as evidence. Video evidence is some of the most valuable evidence that you can provide.

Therefore, while the installation of a dash cam will cost you time and money, there are many reasons as to why it’s worth it. When in a he-said/she-said argument after an accident or an alleged incident, a dash cam can help to identify what actually happened and to support a witness’ statement. Plus, you no longer have to break the bank to get your hands on one. 

How Much is it to Install a Dash Cam?

A dash cam will often run somewhere between $50 and $150, plus the cost of the installation should you require help. Many of these dash cams are installed in a docking device that is placed on your dashboard or windshield. If you are having your dash cam installed onto your license plate holder or the like, it may cost you more since it will likely require someone to ensure that the electrical components can move freely from the vehicle to the camera. 

While it’s great to have your accidents recorded when you are the victim, it also runs both ways. Therefore you always want to abide by the traffic laws. Plus, many dash cams record both forwards and backwards, so it’s important that you don’t engage in any dangerous driving behavior such as texting or eating.

There are various apps that you can download to your phone that can act as dash cams. However, as a ridesharing driver, you may wish to use your phone for GPS directions if you have it mounted. Another con with using a phone app is that you will have less storage space on your phone and therefore will be required to clear out your app’s memory every few days or so – especially if you are driving more regularly. 

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